My First Business Trip … Missionary Experience

So I had a cool experience a couple of weeks ago I wanted to share. I went to Dallas for a couple of days for work to a customer roundtable (my first business trip!) where a lot of my customers were going. It was cool to meet some of them in person as opposed to always talking on the phone with them which is what I normally do. It was a good event with good food and overall a great and productive trip. Dave, I chilled with Giff (Dave’s college friend that I work with for everyone else) out there and we took a customer out to eat for dinner after the event which was fun too. Here’s the story though…
On my way there, I sat next to a cool guy on the plane. As I was reaching for my headphones to watch a movie on my phone, I really felt like I should just talk to the guy next to me instead. He was a really nice guy from Texas, had a strong accent and everything. We talked for a long time, and pretty soon the conversation came to the gospel. He was amazed that I spent two years away from home and even more amazed that I learned Portuguese. I talked with him about the restoration and how God calls prophets in our day today as he used to in the past. He kept saying stuff like “That makes a lot of sense” and “Ya know, I think it was fate that you sat next to me today.” I gave him a pass a long card that I had put in my wallet a few days before (I’m glad I did) and he was very grateful that I gave it to him and was excited to check things out more. I got his name and email address as well, so I’m going to follow up with him via email to see if he’s gone online and reached out to the missionaries to come teach him. Funny part is that the guy is kind of old-fashioned and a little racist, but overall a great dude. I guess he won’t have any problems with the blacks not having the priesthood back in the day haha.

Love all you guys! I’m excited to spend time at Christmas with everybody (especially Rex).


(Pic of Dallas from the hotel that I stayed at and where the event was. I didn’t get to explore the city much which I love to do, that’s ok though. I’ll have to go back.)

– Tay